Your Tipico-Shop from Fun Entertain GmbH

Since 2002, we have opened more than 40 betting shops throughout Germany and are therefore a reliable port of call for betting enthusiasts. As a Tipico franchise partner, we place great importance on a spacious ambience. That’s why our shops are larger than 100m², which makes every sporting event an experience and inspires sports fans.

At Fun Entertain sports fans get their money’s worth, one reason for this is the modern technology in our shops. No live experience is missed, and the transmission quality is always high. An uncomplicated bet acceptance system and fast processing leads to pure sports enjoyment without long interruptions.


A trusting and friendly face is important for us. That is why we have internalised our corporate identity. The CI concept unifies the Tipico brand and creates a recognisable, valuable image. Our corporate image guarantees quality, uncomplicated betting, decent odds and passionate sporting events.

In order to remain successful in the future, the satisfaction of our customers is a trend-setter, that is why we do not rest on our laurels, but constantly look to the future. Our shop concept continues to develop according to the wishes of our customers and to the available technology. Our partners also benefit from these experiences and developments. Even though we favour the uniform shop concept, we offer design options according to the layout and location of the premises. We are happy to provide advice and can also arrange craftsman’s services.


All Fun Entertain partners receive detailed advice and support during the planning, installation and operation of their Tipico shop. Commercial properties and expansion options are, of course, part of the support, as is the technology to ensure that day-to-day business operations run smoothly.

Point of Sale

Reliable technology is the most important component of a functioning betting office. In particular, rapid and reliable bet registration as well as secure data transmission must be guaranteed. Tipico franchise partner Fun Entertain uses a central cash register system for this purpose. The bet registration with this system is second to none in Europe. Many experts and franchise partners praise the variety of functions, user-friendliness and speed of the Tipico system.

Betting terminals

If the customer does not want to use the cash register, he can leave his bet at one of the many betting terminals. The terminals have a self-explanatory touch screen. But if you don’t want to work with the screen, you can have your completed betting slip read at the terminal. Payment is uncomplicated by inserting coins or banknotes, vouchers can also be redeemed. The special feature: if the debit is made via the Tipico-Card, the winnings or the remaining balance can be credited to the card. Comprehensive information, game statistics and results of previous events can also be called up at the betting terminal.

Multi-Touch Terminal

Another option is the Multi-Touch terminal. The Multi-Touch terminal is exclusive to customers who use a Tipico Card. Bets are placed via a touch screen, all betting information is then stored on the Tipico-Card and so, a ticket printout is not required. One betting station has five terminals and can be used simultaneously by a total of 5 customers. Just like at the cash desk, the entire range of bets can be called up at the terminals and live bets can be placed. As a Fun Entertain partner, all you have to do is set up the betting station and off you go. The required terminal software is pre-installed, and all information services are connected to Tipico.


With the Tipico-Card, the betting customer becomes a member of the family, this also opens up many possibilities, whether in the shop, at the terminal, on the internet or via the Tipico app: all betting options are available. In addition, with the card you can review your betting history, check your credit and start various money transactions. By offering these advantages, our partner increases the satisfaction of his customers and this leads to a regular customer. In return, all sales generated with the Tipico-Card are assigned to their shop. Our partner thus has an overview of his customer frequency and at the same time receives feedback on his service.


As one of the industry leaders, Fun Entertain offers many advantages as a Tipico partner. As the market leader, we convey sovereignty and trust, it is not for nothing that many prominent advertising partners vouch for this with their names. We offer the following:

  • As the market leader in Germany, we have excellent industry knowledge.
  • Long-term partnerships with FC Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig and Oliver Kahn, among others, guarantee a high recognition value of the Tipico brand.
  • Above average odds.
  • Constantly growing betting products and around 50,000 live events every year.
  • Our competent sales representatives will look after you on the spot, on the phone and also will advise you fully on weekends.
  • Before the opening of the shop, we offer an introductory event lasting several days, including training and seminars in preparation for opening and we will provide tailor-made advertising materials.
  • Provision, consultation and installation of hardware equipment by competent technology partners.
  • With the Tipico-Card you also benefit from your customers’ online betting.

First Steps

Successful teamwork is achieved with an experienced partner. In order to become a partner of Fun Entertain and Tipico and to enjoy all the advantages, a positive initial contact is enough. We take care of the rest for you. The expectations we have of our partners and what the support looks like can be found below.


  • A flawless police background check certificate.
  • A flawless extract from the central trade register.
  • At least 120.000€ investment capital.
  • Building permission for a suitable business premises.
  • Basic knowledge of economic and commercial management.
  • Experience in the field of sales/services.
  • Customer and service-oriented characteristics.
  • Enthusiastic about sport and betting.
  • Friendly, communicative and open-minded.

When you meet these requirements, we will be happy to support you. Only nine steps are needed to run your own branch:

  • • You organise a commercial site.
  • • You submit the documents for the site enquiry to us.
  • • Tipico checks your documents and the location.
  • • You and the responsible area manager conduct a personal interview.
  • • The building permit is verified.
  • • The rental and franchise agreements are signed.
  • • Tipico staff will help you to build/expand your shop.
  • • Your staff are competently and extensively trained.
  • • Opening your own Tipico branch.

Did our concept convince you? Do you have any further questions, or would you like to get started immediately? Then don’t wait long and apply to us.