About Us

Fun Entertain GmbH has been around since 2007. But we are not new! We have been working in local retail shops since 2002. With the creation of Fun Entertain, we aim to bring our many years of operational experience to a new, higher level of service for our customers. That means more shops, more offers and more comfort.
We receive support from our longtime partner Tipico, as one of the most well-known bookmakers in Germany, the name Tipico stands for reliability and quality. For this reason, significant advertising partners have signed on with Tipico, such as FC Bayern München, Oliver Kahn, RB Leipzig and Hamburger SV. This reliability and quality is passed on to our customers.

Betting as an Experience

Fun Entertain has a focus on the Rhine / Ruhr region, with more than 50 locations for sports betting. Our betting shops are not just pure betting shops, we strive to achieve a sports bar ambience. The most important sports events are shown simultaneously on several screens. If the screens are not enough, live tickers are available around the clock, so no slam dunk, overhead kick or overtaking maneuver is missed. Our trained staff are always friendly and competent.

Betting on Almost Everything

Our betting selection is hard to beat. In addition to football, basketball, tennis and Formula 1, we also serve niche sports. Hardly any sport is unavailable to bet on. In addition, every sport has a variety of betting opportunities; a bet is no longer just a winner or a loser. You can bet on almost everything and maximize the entertainment e.g. in football you can bet on the next goal, the winner of the half, the next corner or the next scorer. Also, there are countless special types of bets for other sports including basketball. Substitutions can also play a big role in your betting system. Our live bets make sports events even more exciting, not only with the feverish excitement for your team, but also with your bet.

Unbeatable Odds

For our betting friends, the most important thing besides the betting offers are the odds, because you want to make the best return from your money, Fun Entertain is not frugal and we offer above average odds – unbeatable within a national comparison. We also have many options for making deposits and withdrawals. Only an intermediary with a strong partner can fulfill such offers and requirements. Convince yourself and visit us in one of our branches in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse or Saarland. Let your enthusiasm run wild in a feel-good atmosphere.

Conscientious Support

We have various partners and therefore want to specifically use sport in Rhine / Ruhr as a preventive measure to help children in general. To ensure a continued duty of care, we check our partners for club philosophy and projects.
In addition to the health of children, we also want to strengthen and positively influence the image of our region. We know that successful club sport also motivates young people.
For over three years we have been an active supporter of the youth football club SV 08/29 Friedrichsfeld e.V. It is important to the club to promote not only football but also within a social and pedagogical way, the fun is continuous and that is important to us. Children should have fun, because without fun, no real gains are made.
We want to motivate all age groups. However, with the BSG Baskets this is different because the wheelchair basketball team motivates us. The basketball players of BSG Baskets prove every day that will and a healthy portion of sportsmanship can move mountains. They teach and remind us that a handicap is not a restriction. We want this message to reach everyone in Duisburg and Germany, and so are involved as a shirt sponsor of BSG Baskets. It is a pleasure and honour for us to be a part of this important message and to sponsor the team.
We will continue to increase our social commitment, so that (sporty) alternatives always exist and our region continues to have a future. We are currently considering further support programmes. Soon, we will publish all information about this here.

Bets with Responsibility

Sports betting should entertain and increase the excitement in the competition, unfortunately some can lose control. This can lead to uncontrollable consumer behaviour which has nothing to do with having fun anymore.
The irresistible desire for gambling has been included in the international classification system of mental disorders. Gambling addiction is a disease that can be cured. In addition, successful prevention work can be carried out with targeted awareness. Nevertheless, one should not downplay the addictiveness. There are clear indications of addictive behavior:
• Family, friends and work are neglected.
• Mood swings and unreliability increase.
• The addicted person borrows more money and often plays higher stakes.
In such cases we want to stand by our betting friends, to achieve this we have provided external contact information for addiction prevention and counseling. The selection of our advice centers is not random, with our many years of experience, we know which advice center can be of the most value to you. Gambling is a game and is meant for entertainment, nothing more.

Youth Protection

Our services are subject to §6 of the German Youth Protection Act.
Minors have no admission to our betting shops and are not served. Our employees continuously carry out identity checks on our customers. Posters in our betting shops warn about the minimum age for admittance and placing bets, with 18+ posters on display.